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Top 5 Survival Games

It’s no longer the most urgent gold rush in PC games, but survival games continue to be regularly released, and older games continue to be regularly updated. Here is our list of Top 5 Survival games.

5. Subnautica

Stuck on an underwater planet. You have to delve below the waves to find resources and food. Eventually constructing very own underwater bases and submersible vehicles. 3D movement and a lack of oxygen make even the mundane act of gathering bits of scrap a tense adventure. Danger can come from any direction. Vehicles, air pumps and oxygen tanks allow you to stay under for longer.

4. This War of Mine

This War of Mine is set during a fictional war, tasking you with looking after a small group of survivors stuck inside a besieged city. During the day, survivors have to stay indoors, and that’s when you manage your hideout, choosing how to spend precious, fleeting resources. There are so many problems, but only few problems can be solved at once. When the sun goes down, you can choose a survivor to send out into the darkness, to search for supplies in the ruined city.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is open world game with a lot’s of activities. Gather resources by punching trees, mining ores (coal, iron, diamond, etc..) build houses, fight mobs, search for randomly generated structures(village, desert temples, etc..). You can also visit nether using obsidian to build a portal so there’s another world you can explore. To beat this game, you just need to craft eye of ender (using blaze powder and ender pearl) then you have to kill ender dragon which could be challenging for someone who has no gear. Check out this website for Minecraft tutorials:

2. Rust

Getting started in Rust can be tough. After waking up naked and clueless what to do, you’ll spend hours smashing rocks and chopping down trees like a Stone Age drone, and chances are that you’ll end up a snack for wild animals before you’ve had a chance to put a little base together.

1. The Long Dark

The Long Dark’s vast, snow-blanketed wilderness is a harsh and uncompromising place. Its episodic story mode, Wintermute, serves as a gentle introduction to its harsh, yet beautiful world. You’ve got to find shelter, and then venture out to find supplies, all while trying to keep your calories and your body warm. Getting ready to leave the shelter feels like planning a wilderness expedition.

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